I have been practicing martial arts for 15 years. I have been practicing karate for 13 years and have been kickboxing for two years. In the two years of kickboxing I became Swiss champion K-1 in 2018 and have fought numerous. In addition, I was already in various newspapers. I have 11 fights, 9 wins (1 knockout) and 2 defeats. I train in Brugg, in the Muay Thai Shadow Boxing Gym. In addition, I am very active in the social media area and try to inspire several people to make more out of themselves.

There is no lift for success,

I have to take the stairs.

My heart beats for martial arts and I've been working for it for a lifetime. To stand here where I stand. Martial arts is part of my life and is part of my personality. I work hard and hard to achieve my goals. My goals are clear, I want to become the best lightweight fighter in the world and I will give it my all.