I started with my dad karate. I have successfully participated in numerous karate competitions and tournaments. I did karate up to black belt and then wanted more action and wanted to learn new. I started later with MMA with my cousin in Bern. I quickly realized that this was not really my passion. When I began my apprenticeship with my uncle my father sent me to his friend and former coach of my father. There I started with kickboxing and won my first 2 fights. When I went to the third fight I saw that my opponent was heavier than me. Since I did not have much experience, I thought I would lose, so that happened. I was mad at the organizer (Roger Rubi), because I was careful for two weeks on my weight and then I got a heavier opponent. I went to him and quarreled. This changed my life. The next day, I called him again and apologized to him and explain my situation. A very good friend of mine Fabian Reichen told me about the gym of the organizer Roger Rubi. I then wrote him and started training there. Meanwhile, I am very successful and always reach my goals with my team. I am among professionals. If you surround yourself with 5 millionaires you will be the 6th millionaire. So if you train with 5 professionals you will be the 6th. You should always follow your passion, work hard and invest your time, and you will succeed.