Levin Demiral News

The focus

"I want to represent myself and Switzerland worldwide." The World Championships will take place in October 2020. Until then he will fight a lot, build up, improve and make a name for himself. Then comes the World Championship and there he will successfully participate and win the World Championship Title.

He won the title again!

On Saturday the 16.11.2019, Levin again won the SCOS Swiss Champion Title 2019 by breaking off in the second round!

Levin is honored by his village

Today, the 01.11.2019 Levin will be honored in Hasle-Rüegsau for his sports Achievements.

Levin is in the final!

Levin has won the last qualification match on the 26th October and is now in the final for the SCOS Swiss Championship Title 2019 on November 16th.